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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

  1. Our office is always very cold despite the hot weather outside. It was so cold that the IT Consultant got a blocked nose today. He checked the temperature of the aircon and realised the Finance team set it to 21C. They are so not environmentally friendly.

  2. Heard on radio a few days ago about a couple naming their new-born child "Like". The idea came from the FB's Like function. I remember that i've heard parents naming their baby something dot com (xxxxx.com). These people are just crazy and irresponsible. Imagine the kids growing up with such names and how other kids gonna make fun of them!

  3. Am looking forward to the Great Singapore Sale, which starts on this Friday. Actually some merchants already started the sales since last week.

  4. Finished reading the book from little brother.

  5. Realised that not all IT people know about Dilbert comics. I was under the impression that all those in IT field should know about this cartoon character even if they do not read the comics. Apparently i was wrong.

  6. Wore a dress (bought during my last trip to U.S.) to work today and the HR Director commented that i looked lady-like today when we met in the lift during lunch time. She further commented that i looked like the girl next door whom every boy would want to bring home to meet the parents. The IT Consultant and ex-little boss were very amused and said that she meant i normally do not look like this. I admitted to them that i am normally very boyish.

  7. Started researching for information on LA. Am contemplating if i should visit Disneyland.

  8. I like to eat celery sticks with dip. Bought a few stalks of celery on Sunday and have been eating it plain as dinner for the past two days. Gotta go get the dip later because the celery does not taste as nice without it.

  9. Have planned to watch over my diet because i've put on a KG. Then recently the pantry at our office has a few packets of imported potato chips and we could not resist the temptation to snack. Oh gosh, this is very bad for my dieting plan.

  10. Am having difficulties falling asleep lately. Even i went to bed early like at around 11:30pm, i stayed awake until 1am+ before finally falling asleep. I think my biological clock is tuned to late nights, and it takes time to adjust it back.

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ha, you should google and visit gossiping sites more, you will be really surprised how some new zealanders named their children. the world is getting crazier indeed. some examples - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7522952.stm. but there are also celebrities with simple names like apple or fish lor.

gee, how come dilbert is so famous and yet there are IT ppl donno? the comic appears at weekly tech column of some newspapers (ST and thestar). but sometimes the strip is subtle to be understood.... pinpin from IT should introduce to them :)

it's strange that finance department to control the aircon temperature when they should prudent with the expenses. ha, maybe you might take the 21C as endurance training against cold weather :). 62 more hours to go. yup, cut down junk food, and sleeeeepp early! go to bed, go to bed, not more being night owl. cheers.

Haha! don't tell me u r adjusting your biological clock to U.S. time already? :p


eee, make typo there.... 61 days to go! cheers.

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