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Monday, October 26, 2009

The past weekend

Had a relaxing day yesterday.

Went out shopping with Sui. We had happy food for afternoon tea. Each of us ordered one doughnut to go with a cup of coffee, not knowing that the coffee came with free doughnut!

We ended up having two doughnuts each. We ate the one we picked and Sui packed the two free ones back for her mom.

Then we spent some time in the Faceshop to get some beauty products. Since there was a free gift for purchases over certain amount, we decided to combine the receipt. So Sui paid for me first.

After that we met up with Ting and had Thai cuisine for dinner. The dinner wasn't great, and i am having sore throat now. I think it was caused by the spicy and heaty food, plus a few good hours of chit-chatting.

Before we left the restaurant, i wanted to remind Sui to email me the amount i owed her so that i can pay her back through Internet banking. Then i unwittingly said to her, "Sui, email me the amount i owed you for FACEBOOK!"

Right after that word came out of my mouth, all three of us were laughing like crazy. Ting said my addiction to Facebook is too much already, until Faceshop became Facebook. I told them that this funny moment is so going into my blog.

Oh shit, i guess now anything that starts with the word "face" will lead me to think of the next word "book". This is really a sign that i ought to cut down my time spent on Facebook!


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