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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cute kids

I am not a kid lover. I have never had the urge of wanting to be a mother, or not even having the urge to hold any babies in my arms even though i do like to look at cute babies.

So naturally, i do not know how to deal with kids, nor do i enjoy doing it. I especially can't stand kids who are spoilt and naughty. Those brats who do not listen to adults and throw their tantrums around especially get on my nerves, till i feel like slapping them on the face sometimes.

Hence it is not difficult to imagine why i do not particularly enjoy having the two kids around in this rented place. Kids being kids, you just can't stop them from being noisy, or nosey.

After staying here for a few months already, the two girls have now get very much acquainted with me already. The little one who is 6 years old especially likes to come to my room and check what i am doing.

I mentioned before that she would knock on my door and being very persistent in waiting for me to open the door to let her in. Now, she is one level up already; she would knock once, and if i do not answer, she would just open the door by herself and come into my room, asking the golden question again, "what are you doing in your room?"

I would be very pissed if not for her cuteness. Yeah, she is really a very adorable little girl, despite that she would sometimes cry on very trivial things.

Just the other day, she asked me one silly question, "If i eat lots of fish then will i know how to swim?"

You know, it is this kind of cute kiddy question that put a smile on your face.

Then there was another day when i so happened to have sorrow attack for the entire day. After work, i reach my rented place feeling miserable, not even having any appetite for dinner. As i put my stuff on the desk, i saw two stickers on my coffee jar and Pringles cover.

Seeing that, i smiled right from my heart. It was as if the kids were smiling at me with that stickers, and my mood was immediately lifted at that very instant.

I guess staying with kids does have its good points after all.


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