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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dinner tonight

I gave mom, aunt and uncle a treat to dinner today. Aunt's birthday was 4 days away from mom's and i missed both their birthdays this year because i was in SG.

I brought them to a Korean restaurant at Sutera Utama. It was owned by a Korean family. My friends and i had been there before and the Korean BBQ there is nice. So for the dinner today, i ordered BBQ, spicy rice cake and seafood pancake. I think i ordered too much that we were all totally stuffed.

However, my uncle and aunt didn't seem to enjoy the food. They are the traditional type who only like Chinese food. Not sure if mom likes it or now. I'd have to ask her tomorrow.

I've feeling the headache again after dinner. I think the BBQ was too heaty for me. Hope i won't fall sick because of it.


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