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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Did not go to office today.

Woke up feeling unwell and exhausted, hence decided to work from home.

The good news is that the sore throat did not get worse, and after a day of rest, i'm actually feeling better now. In fact, the mood seems to have picked up a bit as well. See, body and mind are really interrelated.

Well, to say "a day of rest" is actually inaccurate, while to say "work from home" is totally true!

Uh huh, i woke up at around 9.30am+, and have been working since then. I even had two conference calls and replied many emails. Surprisingly, it seems like i'm more productive when i'm at "home" (again, this is not my home) than when i'm in the office.

Hmm, i reckon this means that i am meant to have a home-based career, erm, such as being a writer...  

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wish u get well soon!

surprisingly, the kids left u alone? or they haven't back from school yet?
Anyway, hope u get well soon.
Recently weather not good, I'm also starting feeling not well, hope wouldn't get worse after next week's trip.

Sui, the kids were back in the afternoon, but i told them that i'm sick and asked them to stay away from me in case i pass the flu to them. Surprisingly, they listened and didn't come knocking!

You better take care too!

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