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Cogito ergo scribo

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Call me Picasso

Those who know me should know that i suck in arts, terribly. What i draw best is perhaps the stick figures and nothing more.

Today, for no particular reason, i felt kinda artistic and had an urge to doodle. So, i drew a portrait of 贝, the Picasso way:

(Hmmm... somehow i feel that 贝 is gonna be really unhappy after seeing this drawing.)

I did a self-portrait too:

(After looking at it a few times, it reminded me of Michael Jackson more than myself.)

Well, who knows that one day 贝 or i may become famous and these drawings may worth more than all the APs that had been issued leh?!  

If you feel that your portrait may worth a million dollars one day, you can draw one at Mr. Picassohead too. Do send me the drawing when you're done, just in case its value really appreciates and i'm in need of some good money.

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