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Friday, June 13, 2008

In Taipei again

Arrived in Taipei last night rather late, and it was already passed 1am by the time i went to bed. Stayed at Grand Victoria Hotel for last night (because San Want was full), and then moved to San Want Hotel for the rest of the trip. I prefer to stay at the city area even though it's further from the office.

I'll probably be staying until end of the month. I said "probably" because my return flight ticket was booked for 21-Jun (next Saturday), but it will be system go-live for another division of TW on the following week. So i should stay for go-live support, yet little boss did not want to confirm whether or not i should go ahead and change the flight. In fact, he didn't even tell me if i'd be flying to HK for two days as originally planned, or i'll stay in TW all the way through.

Little boss just loves last-minutes, and that kinda infuriates me sometimes. I mean, c'mon, i do have a life besides working. By not knowing my schedule in advance, i could never plan for anything for my personal life. Heck, i couldn't even know for sure how much clothes to pack for sure. I really hate that.

I'm here alone this time, and that totally sucks. Not only that it's difficult to order bento for one person, i also gotta handle everything by myself. My main duty here this time is to guide the users on UAT, but the other division that supposedly went live three weeks ago is still having problems (they have not closed May'08 yet!). The users totally hate the system and i heard one even resigned because of it. The trouble-making manager refused to announce officially that the system is now live, and threatened that she would never agree to it if UK doesn't provide the function the demanded.

So, with all these problems lurking, little boss still expects me to guide the users, test the system, check the data migration, help him out on HK project preparation, and at the same time handle all the troublemakers. Shit, i don't recall ever showing up at work wearing a shirt with a cape and big "S" across my chest, so what makes him think that i can do all these?

"Just one more day", i tell myself, "just one more day and it's weekend". I've wanted to go somewhere this weekend, but i doubt i'll have the energy. The users even asked me if i could return to work on Saturday.

Sigh, let's see how it goes.


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