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Monday, October 26, 2009


Didn't go to work today because i am sick -- sore throat, runny nose and mild headache. I am coming down with a flu.

It is a bad time to be sick, as there are lots of outstanding tasks at work that are rushing for deadline. The biggest shot of all, our CEO of the company, is coming to SG for a visit and he is very interested in looking at the inventory system that we had developed and implemented successfully.

My big boss had sold it so well to the Group that we'd better have something good to show. The CEO is famous for turning problematic company around, and he did manage to turn our company around from the profit warnings last year.

I was told that he is one CEO who is very different, who does not only read the Executive Summary of a document but would actually read the entire thing to get the details. I've never heard of anyone at such high post who would actually do that, for these people should be very busy and won't have the time to read through any documents in details. I guess this is probably one of the factors that make our CEO successful, for he has an eye for details even when he is already in such high post.

Anyway, i'd better help to put up a good show and make sure everything is in proper order.

But before that, gotta see the doctor first.


get well soon...!!

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