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Monday, July 04, 2011

At Senai Airport

My flight to KL will depart at 8:50am, and i am having my breakfast now at Coffee Bean.

Only had less than 3 hours of sleep last night. I had an afternoon nap until 7:30pm yesterday and hence I couldn't sleep at night.

I don't usually have afternoon nap on weekends. Normally I would sleep past noon on Saturday, and I would need to return to SG on Sunday after the church service. So the nap yesterday was an "accident", as I was lying on bed playing games on my iPhone, and then I just fell asleep because I was still exhausted from the trips and the late nights.

Hope I can stay awake and alert throughout the day. It's the first time I'm meeting the new manager in KL who has just joined us two weeks ago, and I'm supposed to do an induction for him later today. Gosh, I guess it's gonna be a long day for me.

On an unrelated note, i realised that i forgot to bring along a yellow shirt after I've packed my luggage last night. You know, yellow is the "in" thing now in Malaysia, I should have brought a yellow shirt with me. Who knows, perhaps I can get a free cup of coffee at the police station if I wear it. Oh darn.


apparently yellow shirt is not so much of "ong" when it lost the poll in thailand recently. free coffee, you gotta be kidding! they'll make you to do the squatting if you know what i mean when you got taken to police station, don't play play. the ads put up on government TV and media (and even recent news about riots in greece and egypt) sure not gonna change your thinking about the rally though .....

hmm, speaking of yellow, it was the choice of color to seek blessing from the royalty like the previous one, but then yesterday the royalty has just announced to dissuade the public from participating the rally. you better worry about jam and road block when you are on the way back to KLIA. just be sure in the coming GE where to put your X, your choice will make different and change for the better :).

hope the senior consultant realized her err and patch up you. it would be probably more effective if you dress in yellow ^_^. all the best in your work during the KL trip. and don't over stress yourself, be sure to get enough of sleep and don't waste away the saturday, i mean not only this saturday but also every other saturday as well. cheers :).

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