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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

(This is gonna be an update of the trivial things that happened over these few weeks...)

  1. A new support manager joined our department in KL last week. He is an experienced guy and hope he would last longer than his predecessors in this position.

  2. It was just announced that the CIO would be stepping down as of 30-June but would remain until a replacement is found. He actually wrote personal email to some of us before the announcement, because he said he wanted to inform a selected few personally. I am not sure if i should said i am honoured to be in the list, but his departure is sure a shocking news to us. Something is going on at the top again, and now the future is full of uncertainty.

  3. Mom successfully gotten her USA visa. She said the interview was easy. The embassy guy only asked her a few questions, such as the purpose of her visit and what do i work as.

  4. Due to my busy work and travelling schedule, i did not have a chance to do my GSS shopping at all. There are still three more weeks to go before the end of GSS.

  5. The CFO wrote down the places of interest in LA for me today. Coincidentally, she would be going to LA for vacation too at about the same time as me. She used to live there and i could tell that she loves the place very much (even though she is a Brit).

  6. Boss did a talent review with me today, under a HR initiative from the company. I told him frankly about my wish to work overseas and promised him that i would inform him beforehand when i seriously consider it, so that he would have a chance to arrange something for me within the company in other countries, if possible.

  7. Two weeks of consecutive travelling has somewhat taken a toll on me. I am all bushed but still pushing myself to work hard, with the coming long vacation being my biggest motivation now.

  8. Am still hooked on reading novels off my iPhone. If i carry on like this, i may be going blind very soon.

  9. My mind is now 98% set on getting an iPad2. All i need now is just another 2% to propel me into action.

  10. This is PMS week for me, and i am going to KL again next week. I hate it when my menstrual cycle coincides with my travel plan. Oh boy, i guess i am gonna feel miserable in KL next week.

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ok lah!
go get yourself something to reward your hardwork.
iPad2 only mah! You deserve it.

Does this worth 1%? ^-^

seriously, you gotta get yourself one ipad2. hmm, wonder if GSS covers it also or not. maybe you should get it in your next trip in KL :).

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