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Monday, June 06, 2011

Extensive travelling

There's gonna be quite extensive travelling for the coming months.

Next week, we are gonna have a workshop in KL. As the workshop will start on Monday morning, i'll have to travel to KL on Sunday (12/6). Since mom will be going to KL with me for her U.S. visa application, i'm gonna take a bus together with her.

The air ticket on MAS from JB to KL are too expensive, while the timing for Air Asia flights are bad. I am worried for my mom to travel by bus on her own, so i decided to cancel my air ticket and accompany her on the bus instead. It has been years since i last travel to KL by bus. Hope the journey is not gonna be too bad.

After returning from KL, i'll be going to Shanghai on the following week. Again, i gotta depart on Sunday (19/6) because i gotta be in the office early Monday morning. I've yet to apply for the China visa. I will apply the visa while i'm in KL because, to my surprise, the application process is easier in Malaysia than in Singapore.

If i were to apply a China business trip visa in Singapore, i will need the original letter from the China authority, which would take a long time for the letter to be prepared and posted to us. Lots of my colleagues in Singapore applied for tourist visa because of this, and tourist visa only allows single or two times entry.

However, in Malaysia, all it takes to apply for a China business visit visa is just an invitation letter from our company in China and it doesn't even have to be the original. A scanned copy is all that required, the visa granted will be of two years multiple entry.

It's gonna be near July when i'm back from Shanghai. We have plans to start a major project in Hong Kong this year and it is targeted to go live within this year. I've told boss that if the project is to be implemented as planned, it must be kicked off before i go for my long holiday in USA. Hence he is now planning for us to go to Hong Kong in mid-July for the kick-off, and looking at the schedule now, it is likely that the trip may just be the week before my vacation.

So, it's gonna be KL, Shanghai, HK and then USA for me from June to August. Work is gonna be hectic, and i gotta be very motivated about it so that i can get it done before my long and much look-forward vacation.


how about night train senandung malam that departs from JB to KL sentral from 11pm and reach KL at 6am, if it's punctual. if i remember correctly which i took it frequently last time, the price is around rm40, and the ticket can be purchased online. you might opt for aeroline for bus service where it stops at 1utama in PJ. or how about MAS firefly where it lands at subang KL instead KLIA.

all the best for the go live, and enjoy the extensive trips of yours :). cheers.

Sounds interesting.

Any vacancy at your company? I'm SAP consultant :)

I think the other team is still hiring but it's not SAP and definitely not as highly paid!

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