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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Worked from home

Here's my FB status today:

Uh huh, i worked from home in JB today. That was great.

Since it's a public holiday tomorrow, i sent an email to my boss last Friday to request for working in JB today. In my email, i wrote that i do not want to be alone in SG on public holiday and i can have more time to be with my mom.

Well, since i already wrote in this way, of course there is no way that my boss would say NO. See, sometimes the way you put forward your request is very important. It normally works if you appeal on the soft side of your boss - that is provided your boss does have a soft side.

Anyway, in case you are wondering, i did work today, and was in fact quite productive.

Oh, and about the migraine, i am fine already. A friend told me on FB that what i was having is a "weekend migraine", which i kinda agree because it seems like i get migraine more frequently over weekends, especially the severe ones. Well, i guess that explains why i was ok today - because it's Monday!

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awww, you wrote like that how does one can be so heartless to reject it then. you very bad one to exploit such weakness..... yup, though from the outside bosses can be very selfish, ego and nasty, they still are human with emotion, and have family after all. but then such trick cannot be used and reused again lor otherwise you'd make your boss immune to it and eventually become truly heartless boss hor. so don't abuse it, hehe (gee, what am i typing here....) and also don't complain too much about your boss sometimes being nonsensical ya. great to read you have wonderful team+colleagues and boss who places the importance of values, not someone squeezes you tight tight.

hmm, it's surprising that with all the distractions like nice comfy bed, tv, cookies, books+magazines, especially no boss around you still able to work productively, with some FB addiction somemore. strange, strange pinpin. haiya, that's probably just once in a while effect only. it's just showing that you don't work at your best in office when you ought to. don't let your boss know this!

and hey, the word "severe" sounds serious. isn't the medical checkup you took stated you're one healthy gal? how come you still have headache?! somemore, weekend is time you should enjoy with your mom, family, friends, not hiding at home recuperating from headaches. don't waste time on that. you gotta put your mind reminding you don't have headaches, migraines, ok? please take care of your health. don't always sleep late, don't always struggle to overcome exhaustion from work for youtube or facebook. eat sleep at home on weekends can make you fat too. glad to know you are fine cheerful gal today. but don't fall sick tomorrow, tomorrow is still TUESDAY, so don't sick, ok :) ... take good care of your health! cheers :)

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