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Thursday, May 05, 2011

A new bag

Bought a small bag today during lunch time.

(The Starbucks bag beside it is just for comparison so that you can tell the size of the bag.)

Everyday when i go to work, i used to carry a paper bag like the Starbucks one shown in the pictures. My Burberry bag is not big enough for my coffee tumbler and bread after stuffing it with all my other stuff, and so i need a paper bag to carry my breakfast. I've wanted to buy a decent bag for it because sometimes i felt insecure carrying the things in a paper bag, fearing that the paper bag might break. All the recycle bags i have are rather big and i only wanted something big enough for my breakfast.

There is a shop near my office that sells bags with design of all kinds of logos and products. There were Kellogg's, Campbell, Coca Cola, Pepsi, A&W, Heineken, etc. They even have my favourite Starbucks logo but it was a huge round bag while i was looking for a small one.

I chose Wrigley's Chewing Gum in the end because... it is banned in Singapore. Heehee.


heehee, you bad girl hor, sg election is days away and yet you are being rebellious some more. no good no good. and it's sure an eye catcher with this bag :).

gee, the ban was actually not that strict, my ex colleagues singaporean and non-sg used to chew some of these gums in the office. i thought there was actually rumor that it was lifted, not really sure about it. but then, the ban was not from during MM LKY administration. cheers :).

Hi, Can I know the name of the shop? I'm interested to check out those bag :) Thank you.

It's a small shop in Sunshine Plaza at Bencoolen Street. It used to be facing the main road but recently it moved inside the building. I can't remember the unit number. It's a few shops opposite the famous "wanton mee" shop (Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House).

There are really lots of fun design of the bags. Check out the pic i found on the Web:


I am so tempted to get the Starbucks one... :D

Angel, you are right about the "eye catching" part. Yesterday when i carried the bag back on the MRT, many people were staring at the bag!

The chewing gum is banned in SG, but they aren't really that strict on it if it's for personal consumption.

heehee, wonder if the designer gotta pay for the royalty lor since it's so captivating, in singapore particularly :).

Haha! Initially I don't understand why u choose this design, now I c ^-^

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