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Friday, April 29, 2011

The fairy tale wedding

Finally, today is the day where months of fuzz and buzz led up to - the royal wedding.

I guess this wedding of the century is gonna surpass that of the last century (the one of the groom's parents). After all, the last fairy-tale like marriage ended up in ugly scandals and tragedy. Everyone will be looking at this marriage to make it come true. People around the world need to believe that fairy tales do exist in real life.

It just kinda makes one wonders what's really the big deal about the wedding. Stripped away the royal titles, they are simply two good-looking people getting married, just like any other thousands of marrying couples around the world.

Well, i guess it is precisely because it is the royalty that makes people so fascinated by it. Besides the big money splurged on it, the groom being the son of late Princess Diana also places the limelight on this marriage. We do not see the same media frenzy over the wedding of other royalties in other countries.

The wedding will be broadcasted worldwide in a few minutes. It will be 3pm our time. We all will be stuck at work and cannot share this moment, but i won't be surprised if some companies would actually gather around to watch the live telecast.

Hope they will live a blissful life. I also need to see fairy tales in real life too, desperately.

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gee, and i was so paiseh thinking the wedding was happened last week, thanks to your blog until ntv7 kept advertising the broadcast.... luckily i didn't bring up the story to my colleagues though.

oh, i thought it started at 5 KL/SG time, so you still can catch it if you leave the office early rather than stay OT lor. but, to link it as real life fairy tale is not entirely accurate, since the tale is filtered by the media first before it reaches you leh. surely you don't need to take example from far-far land when there are still beautiful fairy tales from among your close friends/colleagues/team. of course, you gotta continue staying positive and happiness will find you, never give up on you lor :).

yup, total agree they are handsome and beautiful couple indeed. cheers :)

look atthe time you blog!? Shouldn't you be working? hehehehe...I tried getting into the net to search for live broadcast at 3pm too, but nothing much then. I'm more curious to seet he wedding dress than anything else. But, am quite disappointed for there's nothing new! It's a "safe" design, once again, it's in-line with Kate's "sytle" for the moment!

LF, you know i've always liked simple style, and hence i actually think the wedding dress is elegant and befits the royal occassion. It looks beautiful on Kate.
The wedding dress resembles a lot of Grace Kelly's wedding gown for her marriage to the prince of Monaco. After all, Grace Kelly was chosen as the #1 most beautiful royals, so Kate became the "copy cat" huh... :P

"copy cat" is not really accurate as there are some changes here and there. plus, the Kelly's gown was so many decades ago, many still would compare it to Princess D instead. IMO to engage famous designer to come out simple style doesn't seem quite appropriate leh... cheers :).

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