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Monday, April 18, 2011

Random updates

The stopover at Melaka on Friday night and Saturday was quite enjoying. It was mostly a food trip - we had Melaka laksa and Nyonya food at Melaka, and then stopped by Tangkok to have durian by the roadside. Unfortunately all the food we had weren't particularly good ones. I'm sure there will be a "next time" and we will make sure we go for the really good food next round.

I was back at JB at around 6pm yesterday, and then returned to SG this afternoon after the Sunday service. I was so tired today that i kept yawning this morning during the sermon.

Oh, about exercising, i actually went to the gym only once. It was not because i couldn't wake up. I had my menses on Wednesday and hence i did not work out for the rest of the week. Sigh, just as i thought of starting a regular exercising routine and it stopped just after one day.

I am going to the branch office tomorrow. Since i assigned the UAT work to the pretty gal, i actually need not be at the branch, but it would be the first time she comes to the SG office and i thought i should be around for at least the first day.

This is gonna be a short working week because this Friday is a public holiday in SG (Good Friday). I am so looking forward to the long weekend.


hmm, so for the 2nd round must plan properly on the itinerary lor. Veni, vidi, edi, haha .... all i think about malacca is the historical A famosa fort only, which not really a fort today ... but you're not good, how could you yawn during the church service. bad, bad, bad. it must be you staying up late again on last saturday.

kind a waste that you did not make good use of that gym in KL lor. exercise needs to be regular, otherwise it doesn't have the effect. didn't your friend LF remind you of that mini "resolution"? never know that pinpin would give up so easily, haha. but whatever it is, don't overdo yourself lor. heard that doing workout/exercise before going to work would sharpen mind and think clearer, but wonder how true it is (i would rather put more time in sleeping)....

all the best with your project. oh wait, hopefully your colleague doesn't have short temper like you and patience when comes to the training. wonder if she would have culture shock when she learns that you worked late in SG office. don't overstress yourself. of course, have fun enjoyable long upcoming weekend (with your colleague and friends). cheers :)

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