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Monday, April 11, 2011

Going to KL

At the Senai Airport now, waiting to board the plane to KL.

As usual, will be there until Friday, but will not be taking a flight baack to JB. Instead, I am gonna hitch a ride from LF.

Uh huh, LF is meeting me at KL this week. She will join me at the hotel and have a retreat there while I'm at work. On Friday evening, we intend to stop by Melaka for the night. We can do a short visit there, especially to enjoy some nice authentic Melakaa food.

This week in KL is gonna be hectic. There are lots of things to discuss and work on with my team members, and I hope to get all settled within just about 4 days time.


have a nice enjoyable weekend! time to show off your photography skills too ler not just immerse yourself on food, especially in the durian season ^_^ cheers!

(but hey, does this mean your boss really decided to teach you a lesson by disapproving your team to be in singapore? oh no!) all the best, don't just think about playing only.


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