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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Maid leaving

As i was stepping into my rented place today, the landlady told me that the maid is going back to Myanmar tomorrow for good because the maid's mom had just passed away.

My landlady had told me before that the maid had wanted to leave just half-a-year after she was here because her mother was sick. But the first 6 months of her salary all went to the agent and if she were to leave then, she would have not earned anything at all and just gone home empty-handed. So my landlady told her to stay until the end of the contract, and i guess during that time the maid was also being told that her mother's condition wasn't so bad and hence she decided to stay on too. I think her family might have been hiding the truth from her, just so that she would not be worried.

I was shocked at such a sudden news and felt heavy-hearted. It must be devastating to be informed of the passing of her mother when she has been away from home for so long and wasn't by her mother's deathbed. Her contract was supposed to end this October and she must have been looking forward to seeing the family, but now she would never have the chance to see her mother again.

I was told that she was crying the whole day and i could see her eyes all swollen while she is busy packing her luggage now (with the help from my landlady). She has bought quite a lot of stuff over this 1.5 years and she is now having a tough time squeezing everything into her luggage.

I like this maid very much. She is hardworking, gentle, polite, honest and sincere. Since i moved in here, my landlady has had three maids and this is the best of the three so far. It is really sad that such unfortunate event befell such a good person.

So my landlady will be without a maid for quite a while. To get a replacement will take time, and she can't possibly take leave for so long. It is especially difficult for her when it is month-end and quarter-end closing period now (she works in finance). She has asked for her mother to come in from Malaysia to take care of her kids but her mother can only come over on this Sunday. So she will need help for the next three days. She can take leave tomorrow (she needs to for sending the maid to airport anyway), and my aunt agrees to help on Friday. That leaves Thursday and she has asked her sister to come in from Malaysia for that day but her sister cannot confirm yet. So i've told my landlady that if she really can't get anyone at all on Thursday, i can work from "home" and help her to keep an eye on her daughters.

Well, since i stay here and am kinda like a part of this household, i should help out in whatever i can. For a person who does not particularly like kids, this is the only thing i can offer to help already.

(Oh gee, i gotta clean up my room from now on too.)


i just wonder how are you going to manage the undisciplined girls whilst working the stressful project from home. oh well, perhaps the girls would show you more respect than the maid (sorry to read of such misfortune had fallen on her....). cleaning up the room yourself wouldn't be so bad - it's a form of exercise, and self-satisfying chore too. ganbatte, pinpin.

Pin pin nanny?! Gosh! You need a lot of prayers!!!! wahahaha

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