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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Mom is unwell

I am still in SG, and mom is here with me too. She is spending the night at my rented place.

Well, it isn't because we are having any plans in SG for this weekend. It's because mom isn't feeling well and can't drive back to JB.

Just now at around 8pm, after she had watched the Korean drama on TV, we were supposed to head back to JB like every other weekends. She then suddenly felt very dizzy and had to lie down on my bed. It was so bad that she couldn't even get up. Every time she attempted to get up from the bed, she would feel the whole world spinning and she had to quickly lie down again. So we decided that she should rest here and we will go back tomorrow morning, if she gets well by then.

She told me that this was actually not the first time. In fact, she had this dizziness before at home, for several times already. Recently she went to do a medical checkup and the report indicated that she is having high-blood pressure and high cholesterol. I believe these conditions may have contributed to her dizziness.

What frustrates me sometimes is that despite the unfavourable medical report, she would still take unhealthy food, such as fat meat or chicken skin, which is one of her favourites. Whenever i see that, i'd tell her sternly that she should not be taking all these fatty food when she is supposed to be controlling her cholesterol level. Then she would say she's only taking it "once in a while". Well, her "once in a while" seems to be very frequent!

Anyway, she will be going back to the doctor for a follow-up checkup. We will know then if her conditions have gotten better or worse.

She is fast asleep now. I hope she will get well tomorrow morning.


hopefully it was more of tiredness and lack of rest. for a stubborn person, you might approach your mom in softer way, like advise her that she is the most important family member to you, and convince her to take care of health. and you too must take care of your health.

Did she taking any medicine?
I think maybe she's too tired recently too, for taking care of your granny too.
My mum also like that one, like to take unhealthy food (me too lah! :p) everytime only b4 her check-up she'll start to worry and try to control a bit, but once her report show everything ok, she'll tell me that very happy & loudly, like this report giving her the "licence" to eat freely. but what can we do? To me, as long as she's happy, and as long as it's not too extreme, then I'm fine. Think it the other way, if I'm the one who is not feeling well now, and she's the one who keep on telling me to refrain from eating this & that, will I listen to her? Haha! the answer is obvious lor!
Of course you still have to keep on remind her on her diet, and maybe you should try to find out more information on food which is helpful in control blood pressure and cholesterol. I remember onion is one of them, let her put this ingredient in her diet, think should be able to help a bit, at least lor!

ya, they're (mums) the same! My mum has high blood and cholesterol (under medication) too. But likes fattening stuff! Every time I told her she should not be eating it at all, she defend herself, "once a while is o.k. wan." Then add on further, "can't eat this cannot eat that no nutrient!" !!!!

Sui, I disagree with you, in my mum's case, she's under medication that means her body can't digest those fattening stuff anymore and if she still doesn't exert control then she'll be suffering from terrible illnesses such heart failure, kidney failer, stroke!!! Not only she'll be suffering but the entire family!

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