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Monday, March 07, 2011

At Bali

At the resort now in Bali, in an open-air restaurant, working.

Looking out from the restaurant is the sunny beach.

It isn't too bad to work here, with a few glasses of cold drinks, sea breeze, sound of wave, girls in bikini and hunks in trunks. All these will just take the work pressure away, even though we are still rushing for some slides for the conferences.

That's a good start to a new week.


nice photograph, like the tree as pillar.... tree of life ...

but then, really envy can enjoy while working. cheers, and have fun :).

friend, have you plan what to do on this weekend? you need some suggestion? or need contact for tour guide?

No need plan la. Find a hunk to be your guide wahaaha...

Step1. Put on bikini
Step2. Order a glass of cold drink
Step3. Be cool & work like a prof
Step4. Enjoy a guided tour!

Normal tourist will definitely go to 1) Tanah Lot, the landmark of Bali 2) Uluwatu.
Be very careful if you r going to Uluwatu, there are a lots of monkeys. And they are trained to grab your belongings. especially sunglasses/spec, hat, hari clip & etc.

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