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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am hungry

What the heck!!!

Just as I published the previous post saying that I am happy that it's weekend, there is an announcement on the delay of the flight. It was supposed to depart at 9.20pm, and now it is postponed to 9.50pm.

The problem is not so much of reaching home late due to the delay. The thing is that I haven't had dinner yet and will only get to eat after I get home, which will probably be almost 12am already.

Just now I called mom and asked her to buy something light for me as dinner, thinking that I should reach home at around 11pm. There is only fast food and lousy cafe here at the domestic terminal and I really don't feel like eating any of those food.

Darn, lousy airline!


haha, not only you, i was hungry until i ate my dinner at 12am when i reached home from work. i really don't know what i did in work, just like a mindless robot programming and porting codes. time for a nice rest.

have a nice weekend :) -hy-

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