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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Another moving clip (and more)

This puts me to tears too...

... about dreams, about love.

It is a dream of the kind of eternal love that i have hoped for in my life but never did get it.

Yet, i am touched to see that true love does exist in this world, even though sad to say that it is very rare now in this modern world, especially in the new generations.

There are a lot of related clips on YouTube on this true story that's really worth watching.

Hope we will never give up on dreaming - whatever your dreams may be.


nice, and touching. but dreams could not be achieved if not first taking good care of the health lor. you lost one love but get many loves back. stay cheers, always :)

How do we life on happily ever after if there's no more dream?

We're all unique. No one can ever replace or take over anothe's place. Love cannot be replaced. Pain will always be there, scars may repace the hurt, but it's always there.

I wonder is it just coincident or you purposely search for the clip after our discussion that day?
We also got a "dream" mah! ^-^

The clip was forwarded to me by little brother (and he also posted it up on his FB). I was really touched by it. Somehow, the timing was just so right.

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