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Thursday, January 13, 2011

All packed

Finally, i'm done with all the packing. In another 10 hours time, i'll be flying to Japan!

For this trip, there are two essential items that are not mine - the backpack and the winter jacket.

Uh huh, i didn't have a chance to look for my own backpack anymore and hence i will be using the one i borrowed from my colleague. As for the jacket, the low temperature in Japan now requires a down jacket to keep myself warm but i do not have one. I had borrowed from the pretty gal during my last trip to KL and will be wearing it in Japan.

The flight is at 10am tomorrow and i'll be meeting LF and PT at around 8am. It means that i gotta get up early, but i still can't sleep now. It isn't so much of me being too excited for the trip (even though i am); it's because i gotta finish up a document before i leave for my vacation. It's a 57 pages document and i still have about 20 pages to review. This really sucks, but then i decided that i should not let it spoil my pre-vacation mood. I can sleep during the flight anyway.

I am not sure if i will have the time or Internet access to blog at all when i am in Japan. If i don't, it means that this blog will go on a hiatus for about 10 days or so. Until then, i'll be having fun in the snow...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for our trip.


no!! not absence for >10 days... oh well, if pinpin is happy and enjoying, then is OK :) and hey-hey, don't let work spoiling the mood and carry on sulking spread over to your friends while in the flight. in other words, don't be overly obsessive perfectionist :D. hmm, i believe you would not miss any in the checklist with so many reminders.

gee, how many i have to reiterate (haha) - HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE HOLIDAY along with your BESTEST friends. expect you become more positive and radiant after the trip to japan - and you should be! cheers :D

http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/581/happyholiday.jpg oh no, it's 5 days late and poor background design - spent too much on the characters and yet eyes too big, mouth too big and neglected the layout, plagiarize somemore on the castle (^_^)... cheers and enjoy the trip :)

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