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Sunday, January 02, 2011

1 1 11

January 1st of year 2011, being the first day of a new year with all the 1s, seems to mark a year that will be full of firsts.

And aptly enough, there was a first just when the hands of clock coincided at the number 12 yesterday at mid-night. For the first time in more than two decades of our friendship, the bunch of us welcomed a new year together.

Sui, LF, PT, Min, Carol and i had a gathering last evening at Min's place. We had home-cooked meals for dinner (prepared by Carol's parents, Min and my mom) and then chatted for long hours. It was then mid-night and we wished each other happy new year in person rather than through sms for the first time in so many years.

LF also did a work personality profiling for each of us, and we had a great time discussing (and making fun of) each other's working style.

Not surprisingly, i was identified as a Precisionist / Perfectionist at work. I am process oriented, follow rules, demand high standards, fear of criticism and avoid conflicts. My personality profile also exhibits low scores in being directive and influential, which shows that i am not really suited for my current job in managing people. I will probably enjoy more in working at tasks than with people.

It was a neat way to start of a new year, to be with the bunch of best friends and to understand ourselves better. Somehow, i sense that this is gonna be a year of change for many of us. And i'm sure it's gonna be a change for the better.


Indeed, we have never celebrated new year together or count down together in the past! It's amazing, that we MANAGE to do that this 2011! With a bunch of friends who are as good as sisters over the years! This marks a new, and good beginning for each and everyone one of us!

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