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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas gifts shopping

Have been busy shopping for Christmas gifts after work over these few days. So far, i've gotten the gifts for two of my team members and one for the gift exchange that we will be having during the Christmas party this Saturday.

I need to get two more for the other two team members, and i'm still wondering what i should get for them.

I also got myself a book from a bookstore in the mall beside the office. The books there are all sold at really cheap price. The book that i got was selling at RM34.90 only.

And it is priced at SGD50.65 in SG.

However, the book was drawn with a marker line at the side, and i considered it as an acceptable minor "defect" for the huge price difference.

When i paid for the book, i was told that there was a further discount of 20%, and it only cost RM27.90 in the end. That's really a bargain!

Another interesting thing about this bookstore is that there is a "receipt story" on the receipt, which was contributed by the public at the receiptstories website.

Now i am tempted to submit some of my writings too.


oh, how i wish to have a boss like you .... i'm sure you're not like your boss, hehe, who gets gifts that are not suitable ^_^. hope your colleagues will love them very much! but then, you have shown big gratitude when you agree for their gathering.

you're lucky girl, not only you got the book your favorite Peanuts (wah, the book's really thick though, and it's not comic somemore :o ), you managed to have great discount too. And, the message on the receipt, it somehow suits you. "make things right", girl, you know what it means :).

and yes, you should submit some of your writings, DON'T WASTE YOUR TALENT! i once passed that place when there was this big bad wolf warehouse sale (amcorp mall is kind of rundown compare to, say, 1utama or sunway) . the books in the warehouse sale are cheap, but the titles are not as interesting as in the bookstore you went. but i never bought the books from there, otherwise i would have noticed the trend they print stories on receipt. so if you submit your piece, perhaps i should pay some visits to that place frequently lor.

ah, i should have let you know, i'm actually from Petaling Jaya (and working there too, though long long ago i worked in sg) .... cheers, and have a enjoyable days+week+xmas outing :). -HY-

ya, u should post your piece there too. Let me know if u do so, I'll visit their website too. :p

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