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Monday, December 13, 2010

Going to KL

I will be in KL for the whole of next week. And this round is really for the entire week - i will only be coming back to SG next Sunday.

Normally my visit to KL is only for 5 working days, but there's exception this time because our team members in KL are gonna have a Christmas party at one of the team members' house. It is going to be a potluck and BBQ on Saturday night, and they invited me to join the party.

Little brother and a few others had urged me to stay over the weekend to join the party. They said i was the only manager whom everyone agreed unanimously to invite to the party, as people normally do not like the bosses to be around. They said i should feel honoured about it and gladly oblige.

I considered it for almost a week before finally decided to stay over the weekend. This means that i will not be going back to JB until Christmas eve.

Why i would wanna purposely stay over just for the party is because i am not sure what is gonna happen next year. The team members in KL hardly hold such out-of-office gathering, and it is the first time they are having such activity at somebody's house. For all we know, this may very well be the first and the last when the bunch of pioneers are still around for a get-together. Hence i do not wanna miss the chance to have some fun with them before they or i leave the company.

I checked with boss and he said the company will pay for my accommodation. It is after all a form of team building as well. Since i do not have to pay for the additional stay over the weekend, then i might as well take this chance to relax there and socialise a bit, rather than staying at my JB home every weekend engaging in nerdy solitary activities.

Little brother may bring me out on Saturday. I've not asked him about his plan yet. I also plan to knock off from work on time everyday so that i can do my Christmas gifts shopping.

Talk about Christmas gifts, i've originally thought of buying gifts for my team members, but then i didn't have the time to do so last week. I've bought two boxes of chocolates for the rest of the department staff, but i've wanted to get something else for my own team members. Now that i didn't get any in SG, hopefully i will manage to get something for them in KL. Otherwise, they will just get the chocolates like the rest of the people.


WOW, other bosses might be really jealous, and probably start raving "how come not invite me, how come not invite me". indeed, no doubt you earned the honour, which staffs don't like boss who sinks and swims with them! perhaps, such gathering will form greater bond among you all, better performing team, wait ... but. .. oh well, nevermind call it greater friendship! and maybe some lobang in future from them also, aha, there's still this tool called FB. like you mentioned before, true leader will still command respect even being stripped off wealth and title. all the best! and have a great christmas gathering , BBQ! Enjoy yourself to the fullest :).

hmm, you sure you really wanna wear that hat?

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