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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Worked late

On the cab now, and the cab driver is trashing angmo now, after I told him that I worked late because of meeting with Americans.

The meeting ended at 11pm+ and I stayed back to finish up some work.

Will work from home tomorrow.


hmm, but, but you didn't tell him the whole story that you allowed the choice for night meeting. gosh, you let the americans become the scapegoat! anyway, most yankees are in holiday mode already, for example our US counterpart has holiday starts from thursday until the weekend.

guess your story affected the driver not to drive fast and making you nauseous, which is good thing :). don't work so late lor, since the americans are in holiday after all, you need more rest to recuperate from your that "injury". hmm, if the cab driver had noticed the bump on your head (like cartoon), i wonder if he would have mistaken you got it during working for the angmos, and would thrash them even more, haha.... cheers!

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