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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Culinary cruise - Day 1 (I)

The vessel has finally started moving about 15 min ago. It was set to sail off at around 10pm+ and apparently it was delayed.

Anyway, mom is fast asleep in the room already, and i'm now sitting at a cozy corner in the library, by the window with the night view of the harbour while the vessel slowly moving towards to open sea.

There wasn't anyone here, even though people would come in occasionally to explore the place and then leave. It's as if i have the entire library all to myself. And if you look at the picture hard enough, you will notice my iPhone and X10 are placed beside my laptop. I'm listening to the music loaded in my X10 while typing away.

Gee, this is the life i want - tranquil and relax.

I'm now accessing the Internet with my mobile modem, and will probably lost the signal very soon when the ship moves further away from Singapore.


wah, famous cruise and yet no wifi. i thought x10 has wifi. what would a library be if you cannot loan the books..... anyway, nice view! if i could be rich enough to own a house with a lounge like that .....

oh well, enjoy your holiday! expect some nice nice merry postings from you soon (please, not a pissed one again, too much negative already your blog). CHEERS!

I tot that's ur room, got a shock :p
Ya, we are all looking forward to life like this now.
Friend, enjoy ur trip, make sure show me nice photo after your return yah! Or maybe your mum want to show off some cooking skill she pick up, I'm volunteer to be guinea pig too. ^-^

eeee, really got no internet, i guess have to wait a day more or two... btw, now i realized that with your miniphone and iphone in the picture, you must be using your toy II then for the photography. cheers. and enjoy the panoramic view from the cruise, and dish from the celebrity chef! :)

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