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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Start of a super long holiday

Just about half-an-hour more and my long weekend will commence.

It's Public Holiday tomorrow, and i'm taking Thursday and Friday off too... as i'm going for a short holiday with mom.

Uh huh, i'm going for a short cruise tomorrow!

It's a culinary cruise with celebrity chef, and so the main purpose of joining the cruise is for the up-close cooking demonstrations. The total price for two persons is about SGD 1.3K.

Well, if you are thinking to yourself now, "wow, Pin Pin cooks?" then i'll tell you, the answer is "NO".

This cruise holiday is specifically for mom since she loves cooking. My mom is a good cook (i think all my friends can testify to that), and the side-effect of having a mom who cooks well is that the daughter will never need to step into the kitchen to cook anything when she's at home.

Ok, in case you are wondering, i do know how to cook too; not great but edible... i guess.

Anyway, for me, it's just a short break to relax and also to make mom happy.

And since my super long weekend is about to start, i'm gonna meet up with LF and chill out at a nice restaurant tonight.

I'm feeling rather chirpy now. That's a good sign.


THAT'S RIGHT! take some days off and have great holiday with your mom. wow, not just ordinary holiday but on a great cruise with discounts and free stuffs everywhere (at least you gonna kena one lah ^_^). plus a celebrity chef somemore. that's indeed super! you sure are really good in planning and choosing for holiday. very important advice for ya - DON'T LEAVE YOUR GLASSES AT HOME!!! .

of course a holiday on cruise such as this is expected along with great nice wonderful photographs. time to show your toy II proves it worth the money. eh, what happen to that post? now i begin to wonder if the reason of this new toy is actually for this trip. don't be selfish and keep the nice things of your wonderful holiday yourself lor, share the good stuff with your blog readers too.... yeah, if you introduce yourself as blogger of lazypinpin, for SURE the chef will right away award you the free cooking class and autograph cookbook, no kidding :)!

hmm ,i thought having a mom who is good in cooking will have fat-fat children. don't tell you're FAT, are you? anyway, wish chirpy jolly merry happy pinpin enjoy the super holiday. maybe after the holiday, you'll gain new interest of cooking after the chef demonstrates it in live view, and that's not bad after all, haha. cheers! (gee, i missed your happy emoicon indicates you're happy).

stop finding excuse lah! with mum who can really cook, you should lagi able to pick up some tips from her, not like me. I have more concrete excuse to be a bad cook than you ^-^

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