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Monday, November 08, 2010

Still busy

Gee, i guess long weekend is never long enough. Didn't have as much rest as i'd hoped to over the holidays.

Seeing how infrequent i updated my posts for last week, it's obvious that it was still hectic at work, and it will continue to be so for many months to come. There are new plans coming up for my team, and it's gonna be something so major that i will probably need at least two more members in my team.

On one hand, i'm very interested in the new projects, which involve full system implementations for many countries; on the other hand, i'm seriously burned out and not sure if i can continue working like this. I am NOT a workaholic even though the way i work gives the impression that i am. I actually do not enjoy doing what i am doing, and i do hope to have lots of personal time to do whatever i wanna do, even if it's idling at home doing nothing but read or sleep.

Another factor that makes me contemplating in changing job is the pay - for my position and the work that i'm doing, i'm seriously underpaid. Yes, i know you may say that, "all employees in the world think that they are underpaid". Well, it isn't if i'm comparing it against market benchmark and even with my colleagues of similar rank. As to how i know about their pay, well, i don't know in exact, but i do know something.

Actually i'm ok with what i'm earning today, as in the pay is sufficient for my lifestyle and i am content with it. But then, what i'm not alright with is that i am not earning a pay commensurate with the workload and job responsibility. This makes me feel being short-changed and exploited by the company. I feel like a cheap labour.

I am now undecided about the next move, whether to stay or to move on. For now, i'll just be still and think carefully about what i should do for my future.

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and i thought your reason of job changing is so your colleague friends in the company then can visit your blog :). reminds me i bent on resigning from my ex-company after leaving the reputation of being rebellious, and offended a director, managers. and i bashed the company management in my current company interview somemore. i think i had really lost my mind then, haha, probably because years in that company really hardened me and turned me into unplesant person.

changing to new job will have to go through new environment again, new type boss to face, new workmates, etc etc, surely you have more experience than me in this (ok ok, you're not job hopper). but, from the way you described your character, even you go elsewhere where workload is perceived lesser, you'd probably end up overwork yourself too. but then, i agree you should never allow yourself being exploited as cheap labour-lor. in fact, with your calibre, i do think you should deserve better position. well, some people even if he's/she's is talented and skillful, unfortunately the skill is not appreciated and applied in correct field. that's reality of life, sigh ... i wonder if there's any employee dare to walk in front of boss, demand a justifiable raise by reasoning the contributions made without "backup" from outside company. there's always still suspicious no matter how close with the boss.

as your "fan", i'll support whatever choice you made lor, and i'm sure you will make a wise decision :). alternatively, you might just let life as it goes as it is lor, and who knows opportunity just come at a sudden, and you'll be the lucky star in life+career. cheers. all the best!

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