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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late night again

Hmm, 10:45pm. That was the time I locked up the office door, again.

The document now stands at 130 pages. Let's see if I can hit 200 pages by the time I complete it.

In case you are in awe of my ability to produce such long document, let it be known that what I am writing is the technical specs. There are lots of tables and screenshots in the document, which take up lots of space. So, as good as I am in spewing nonsenese, I'm not that brilliant to write so much within just two days.

Oh boy, am I bushed. Seriously, feel like I can drop dead anytime, but then I really do not know what it is that keeps me going despite the draining energy. I'm sure for this round, it isn't about passion anymore. I guess it's simply the sense of responsibility, plus my stubborn insistence of always striving for the best. Sometimes I really wonder why I even bother when nothing in my life really matters that much anymore.

Oh well, that's the depressed me talking again. Now the hardworking me better go take a bath and then continue working.


a good technical documents does not mean it has to be consisted of long pages with words. i browsed before datasheets that were 500+ page long and most of the contents are tables of reference, and with simple english. of course, you could inflate number of pages by dumping more pictures, flow charts, diagrams, tables and use bigger FONTS - that's what i used to do when i did my report long long ago (with broken english somemore). but longer page does not do good to environment.

woh, don't tell you are still to continue working at home. i'm not sure if i should be impressed with you. whatever it is, just remind yourself on friday everything will be OVER. go go, pinpin! just 2 days ago you wrote "gotta love what we do and only then we can do it best, willingly and happily". so, don't be moody and melancholy but try a bit to be passionate to deliver a good quality document. like, hey, this 200 pages of technical specs gonna be read by 1000+ people. cool isn't it :O.

when i feel tired with my lousy job doing stupid FA (well, not really so stupid since it requires a degree of analytical skill, it's not fun too because they keep on coming and coming :(), i ask myself why i'm to struggle like this since others are boh-chap too. well, i am who i am, they are who they are. since i am disapproval of their "inactivity", i should not to be like them. it's not if life whether matters or not (and please don't say this), it's just you are pinpin who has so much "sins" of ranting the slackers and bums and you gonna show that you are above them all. you have friends, and fans looking up high on you, respect and admire your persistence for perfection, there's so much life in you my friend!

so, don't be depressed anymore. cheers, and enjoy fullest in coming weekend when all the work is over :)!

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