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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another hectic week

It's a super hazy morning today, thanks and no thanks to our neighbour.

And I'm still on the train now.

Yes, I'm getting into the office later and later. Other than because it has become such a drag for me to go to work, it's also because of working and staying up late everyday.

I left office at 8.30pm on Monday, thinking that I could do the work from "home". Then the laziness got the better of me and I just lazed around doing nonsense.

Then yesterday, I left office at almost 11pm, and I was, yet again, the last person to leave and lock up the door.

This week, I'm rushing for the documentation. As the pretty girl has gone on leave, I have to write the technical specs, which was only half done when she handed it over to me before she went for her vacation. The deadline is this Friday.

Being this hopeless perfectionist that I am, I spent almost a day fixing the part that she had written, as there were some mistakes as well as inconsistency in the formatting. When it comes to formal documentation, i've always been very particular about the layout and presentation. Sometimes it's not only about the writing, but also how you package it that gives the impression of a quality work.

Oh well, i guess it's gonna be another week of late nights, exhausting days and excessive work.


what happenned to the guys in the office?! how could they let a girl to be the last stand? it's very very inappropriate to have girl who works the last and locks the office. grrrr, those guys should be reprimanded for their inefficiency. by the way, home is home, it should be for relaxing, doing some craps instead of to stress. just remind it's only until this FRIDAY and it's all over then, yaa-hoo, at least this period of time. 加油! hopefully your work also becomes good learning for your staffs and they pick up your skills and form a great high performance team! and don't always criticize (or hypnotize) yourself lousy and bad manager. perfectionism is good, it produces high quality work and respected in long run. those who have perfectionist as boss should be thankful as they can not only count on their boss but also able to improve themselves very much, and make work interesting.

and, make sure your work don't end up like this-lor:

hmm, just i thought haze annual ritual is somewhere around august instead ...

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