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Saturday, October 16, 2010


In case you are wondering why I wake up so early on a Saturday, well, I didn't. I've not gone to bed yet actually.

Uh huh, I've worked through the night, yet despite our best effort, we still failed to deliver the full program on time. I've sent over whatever we had completed and i guess the remaining will have to come later today, after I get a few hours of sleep first. Otherwise, I'd have been working for 24 hours already, and I seriously have no intention to hit the headline news yet.

I went downstair to tell my mom that I'm only going to bed now and she got a shock. I told her to cancel a facial appointment at 10am for me, as I'd have to continue working after I wake up later. That's just too bad because i really need facial now. I'm having breakouts due to the late nights and stress.

Just great. Ugly hairstyle coupled with bad complexion... I'm now an ugly duckling.


wah, 24 hrs straight! my record is only 14 hrs, and a friend of mine worked 36 hours non-stop before. anyway, it's quite stupid and ridiculous to compare who works longer ~.~. indeed, you're really a committed super boss, and your company is really-really-really lucky to have you. hope you finish the project in time and got big increment for this, but don't work until get fainted-lor.

aiya, if you are to continue being positive and cheerful mood, you would always pretty even the hair was, er, overdone. a person is pretty usually comes from within and not entirely from physical. would you still be pretty if you continue being moody, upset, annoyed by the hair cut ^_^? and, don't tell you are desperate to have clip-on fringe to fix the problem-lor. perhaps if you unable to deliver the project, maybe, err, you could explain to your boss it's because of your hair cut.... =O.

again, all the best for your projects! please take care your health too, if you're sick, you'd not blogging properly. cheers! and drink more "brand's" essence of chicken!

Don't mimic me! And don't pick up my bad habit. Sleep first, then work. Struggle like this, not efficient.
Take Care.

Hmm... for me, if sleep first, then work, I will forever wont wake up to work until 8am. I believe it depends whether you are a night person or a morning person.

How i wish I can as semangat as you? Can you pls share your tips on how you can keep motivated and stay awake to work? I know it is no good but I really need the tips now to clear my backlogs. ym

My longest record was working for more than 30 hours straight without sleep for system go-live. It was quite an experience.

I do intend to stock up boxes of essence of chicken. I need tonic, lots of 'em.

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