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Monday, October 11, 2010

10 10 10

It's triple 10 today on the calendar. It's Taiwan's National Day, and mom's 61st birthday too.

So my role today was to be a filial daughter. I gave mom RM300 to get anything she wants, and also brought her for a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I invited my 2nd aunt too since her birthday is just four days away, and naturally her husband tagged along as well.

Besides that, i'm also on leave tomorrow so that mom did not have to drive me back to SG today and could have a relax Sunday instead of spending time driving. But then of course, she still has to drive me back tomorrow.

On an unrelated note, i went to a new hair salon today to have my hair trimmed, especially the fringe that was getting too long and annoying. To my dismay, it was a bad cut and now i look ugly with my short fringe. Arrgghh!


ah, it's already passed 10pm.... but anyway, happy 10-10-10. hope you had a great day!

(wait a minute, does that mean i have to draw the comics with short hair next time, oh my ...)

No no, i'm still with long hair, but a short fringe now. I walked into the salon as a pretty lady, but came out as a silly girl. :(

haha. no-lah, you are not a silly girl. hmm, i'm curious if you will be laughed by your colleagues with your new look when you back to office.

cheers :)


cheers ^_^.

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