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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Working late

Just left office at around 10pm. Was having a conference call with North American counterpart for almost 2 hours.

I intentiionally woke up late today and went to work at around 10.30am, knowing that i would be on evening shift today.

More pressure is on with more work now. We are gonna start a small project for Canada. I had hoped that I might get a chance to travel to Canada for it, but after the meeting just now, I think our work will all be done remotely. Oh well, too bad that I don't get a "free trip" back to the country that I like so much.

I'm getting dizzy typing this on my iPhone when the cab driver is driving like a F1 racer... and I thought F1 has already ended. Hmph.


that's the aftermath of the race-lor. plus, the singapore f1 was night time, and there was not many cars at night too. i guess many drivers were inspired to drive like the f1 drivers mah, it's like "darn, how can those racers get the chance for fast f1 cars while i'm stuck with toyota crown..". by the way, is it the very same taxi driver you boarded months ago that you mentioned drive like f1 drivers? :)

hmm, all this while i thought canada is boring and cold, and white. however, it's unfortunate that the project does not require you to be there lor. hey, why don't you purposely screw the project so you'll have the chance to get sent to the site (and worse case, who knows it's not you but your under-performing subordinate gets sent to there to fix things up). just a joke :P


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