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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog needs facelift

I think it is really time for me to revamp my blog design.

First of all, some of the image links aren't working anymore.

This is because the free image hosting website where i placed all these images had suspended my account after i've not logged on for half-a-year. I would have to re-upload all those images (if i still have them) to Blogger but that would take time. And frankly, i'm too lazy to do it.

Then, i also noticed that the archives for some of the months aren't displaying correctly. The posts for these months are not being displayed in full and are cut-off in mid-month.

Lastly, which is also the most important of all, i've been using this design since the start of my blog in year 2005. It is still in the old template without all the new features that were added by Blogger over these few years. Furthermore, it is also probably time for me to give it a serious makeover.

Well, with my limited artistic talent (or the lack thereof) you should know that there is no way i could ever come up with my own design from scratch. I will have to search the Web for some free design templates that are basic and neat (some say dull). I do not like those fancy but hard to read design. My blog should be just like me, simple and straight-to-the-point. Basically, it should just be minimalist.

I do not know when this will happen, given my busy schedule and low-spirit. Oh well, it happens when it happens, and i'm sure those who visit this blog will be the first to know - when you see a different look on this blog one day.


Being minimalist and simplicity are good since it is the content that makes the quality the blog, especially with your great writing skill (and now it's my turn to jealous, grrrrr!). just like movies, so what with the fancy visual effects when it is great story and impressive acting that make the ticket worth the money. really like your this kind of thinking, great!

2+ years ago, your blog's emoicon was happy with big smile. i wonder the icon if to be put up again, would it be happy smiling as it used to be ..... stay cheers, be positive and keep it up!

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