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Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school

Went back to our highschool on Saturday evening for the 97th anniversary celebration dinner. The food was lousy, and the performances were so-so, even though there were a few very good ones, such as the diabolo juggling and martial arts. The singing, dancing and musical performances were supposedly be good, but the audio system wasn't exactly of concert hall standard and the surrounding was too noisy (it was a fund-raising dinner with Chinese full-course dinner served).

Well, that pretty much sums up what i wanted to write about the event of "back to school". What i really want to write about isn't the dinner. That is secondary. What's more important are the fond memories and friendships from that school.

On Saturday morning, Ting gave me a call to ask if i wanna join LF, YM, her hubby and friends to the dinner, but i was still sleeping when she called. When mom told me about it after i woke up in the noon, i told her that i didn't feel like going out that day and would return Ting's call after lunch.

Then before i could call Ting to reject the invitation, LF called instead and i told her that i was too tired, down and lazy to go anywhere. She then told me that it was precisely because of my low spirit that i shouldn't shut myself at home. I should go out, meet friends and have a change of mood. We chatted for a while and she managed to convince me to join them. So i went.

It has been a few years since i last visited our highschool. It was still the same, with the old buildings and students wearing the same uniforms. As we walked in the campus, we reminisced about the good old naive teenage years. We also met a few teachers, one of whom had taught us before and could remember the names of three of them but not me (i wasn't as famous or active as my friends). The teacher chatted with us for a few minutes and told us how different the students are nowadays.

That was when we were reminded again how time flies; we had graduated from the school (well, except me) for almost 17 years already, and our friendships have lasted for more than 20 years!

And that was also when i was reminded of how blessed i really am. (Yes, God does love me!)

Indeed, these friends are my blessings in life, without whom i would never have been able to come this far.

In my love relationships, i've been hurt deeply twice. Yet in friendship, they have always been my pillar of strength. We are the friends who will truly be happy for each other's happiness, and will forever stand by each other in time of turbulence. The countless joyous and sorrowful events we shared for more than two decades keep our hearts close to each other. Sometimes i tell myself, a broken life can be made perfect with friends like them.

Uh huh, 6 wonderful and amazing ladies, who shine in whatever they do and wherever the go, and whom i'm so proud of to be part of their lives.

And my dearest friends, thank you for being part of mine too.


Thank you to you too!!

How wish i can join you all.
Hope we will chance to go FY again to chit-chat & recall our happy sweet young time.


So envy.
Had been feeling sick since Friday night. Took medicine and had been sleeping for the whole weekend. Gone all my palnning.
Feel so bad that can't fulfill my promise to bring my mum to school. She must be so dissapointed, but she won't show it :(

Siang, next year during your annual return, let's arrange a "back to school" day, ya! :)

Sui, sorry to know that you are sick (again). We thought you were at the other school campus with your mom and hence did not call you up. Gee, that was quite a bad weekend for you. Hope you are feeling better now. Take care!

phew, finally finished after 4 long days of holidays, and total 14 days since the post went up.


if you like the comic, then stop crying!


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