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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My blog revealed

I posted yesterday's comics from angel onto my FB and my colleague, the IT guy, printed the comics out and put it up onto the paste-it board beside his cubicle. I protested to it, and told him to take it down lest someone else sees it and know about the embarrassing thing i did.

He then said the drawings are too good and too funny to keep it to ourselves. He even said that we should start posting the comics onto our company newsletter, just like the comics section in the newspaper. I then accused him of wanting to ridicule me in front of the entire company.

And this is how we always joke around in the department, which somewhat makes the otherwise dreadful working hours more enjoyable. Indeed, if there's anything i look forward to in going to work (besides for the pay check), it would be the time i spent sprouting nonsense with the guys. If i were to leave the company, i'm very sure that i'm gonna miss them very much. They have been like brothers to me, taking care of me and showing concerns whenever i am down. Such good colleagues are rare to come by.

Anyway, as we were making so much noise (again) on the comics, the other colleague from another department came over and had a look at it too. Then, besides having praises for the talent, they were all amazed at how angel could so vividly and closely depict the story. I then jokingly said to them, "well, that's because the writer was very good in relating the story!"

That was when i re-ignited their curiosity about my blog. They have been asking me for my blog address (and even searched for it) but i refused to give it to them. I told them that i'll reveal it when i am no longer with the company, for there are things that i write about the company and colleagues that i prefer not to be known to the people who are within it.

I then challenged them to look for it themselves, and said that it is actually rather easy to find it if they know how to look for it. The IT guy tried for a while and couldn't get it, and then he got back to work.

Then in the evening, while i was still working on the piece of never-ending task, the colleague from the other department suddenly shouted excitedly, "ha, i found it!"

Uh huh, so the secret has been revealed. My blog is now known to one colleague.

And the ironic part is that a non-IT person beat an IT person in finding my blog. I told her that there's no prize to it, and she said she had a sense of satisfaction in finally finding it. To that, i told her that i'm so gonna blog about her today.

And so, lady, if you are reading this, you have been blogged about.

At late evening, before she left the office, she told me that i wrote too much sensitive stuff on my blog and it would be very bad if anyone from the company finds out about it. She pointed out a few posts and i realised i should perhaps indeed consider making some changes to those posts. As much as i do not think that my other less-acquainted colleagues would stumble upon my blog, i should perhaps still take some precautionary measures.

After all, this may pretty much be a foreshadowing for all i know!


I am honoured to be mentioned in your blog...haha...

I am also encouraged by your writings, your discipline to blog regularly, something I have been procrastinating for a loooooonnnng time... so press on, sister!!

oh my oh my.... this is no good. i never thought the drawing to spread to workplace (and i always hope when you browse in office no one sneakpeeks behind you). my simple intention is to put laughter on you with my humble armateur drawings when you are moody and feel lonely, and share them with your closest bestest friend Sui, LF, YM, etc etc. of course, it's a bit false to say i'm not trying to show off a little-lor. when you put them up on your postings i knew they have served the purpose of putting smile on you :). if only i'm good in musical too ....

now, ai-ya-ya, how are you going to write as freely as you used to be :(. when you are sad, you could express it on this channel, though i would like to read happy and cheerful things. when you are frustrated and stressed, you could vent it on here too. when you have experience and opinion to share, you could share with your readers, and become introspections and lessons. this is really my bad that have tempted you to post it on facebook, my bad, my bad ....... actually hor you shouldn't challenge your friend mah, you should say "ah, i don't know, i don't know" to feign ignorance and quickly walk away, which something i often do to avoid complication. challenge creates motivation. more readers is good, but if it's someone who knows you and goes to same workplace ... uh oh.

so, to new friend, if you are reading this, please keep the secret-lor! please-please keep the secret. 彬彬 is nice gal, though she claimed she's apathy with "I-don't-care", "'I-don't-give-a-sh*t", "boh chap" attitude. she's really kind hearted and behaves oppositely, and don't take bluntly her crude words lor, they don't reflect the real her. and don't tell the blog to IT guys, or never-never to incite them-lor! somehow, i really worry they become nosy to check the sites you visited to get to know this blog. of course, the most important, DON'T TELL BIG BOSS!
Thanks! and cheers.

angel, indeed you are to be "blamed" for this - if it's not for you drawing too well, i wouldn't have wanted to share with everyone and posted it up on FB! -- kidding! the comics do cheer me up and my friends totally enjoy it too. we are all just too jealous of your talent!

well, the colleague who found my blog is a friend, and a sister in Christ too. she can be trusted and hence i am not worried about it.

you are right that this blog has played an important part in my life, and even more so during the bad times. i manage to keep my sanity in real life by writing insanely here....

Dear Angel, don't worry, my lip is sealed. Precisely of some of the sensitively contents (office related), all the more, the other colleagues must not find out.

PinPin, you may want to be more discreet in your FB posting, not linking to your blog so that this blog remains a haven you could freely express yourself. (Since I told you how I found your blog.)

p/s - I am comforted with the faith & trust you have in me. :)

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