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Saturday, August 07, 2010

A pathetic Friday

It's Friday night and the start of a long weekend. Yet, I'm now on the cab heading back to my rented place.

I'll be going back to JB only tomorrow. Then how to spend my Friday night becomes a problem to me.

GSS has ended, so I'm not gonna go shopping anymore (I've done a lot of shopping already for the past two months). I do not really have any friends here in SG who can spend Friday night with me. I do not want to do some activities alone (e.g. watch a movie) given my depressed mood lately. So what's left for me to do is to go back "home" and to either browse the Web or to read. That's kinda boring too.

So I decided to work some extra hours since my work has been piling up. Not that this is not boring, but at least I get to do something productive and stay out of that rented room.

I guess this really tells a lot about my life - yes, it is pathetic.


sigh, it's a waste that you could not fully exploit the long weekend at your home in JB. but hey, why not of getting early sleep so that you are fully recharged for tommorow activity, and longer daylight.

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