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Monday, July 26, 2010

The past weekend

Am still in JB now. Just returned from Desaru about two hours ago. Am on leave tomorrow.

Had a semi-great weekend with friends at Desaru. It would have been absolutely great if it wasn't for my own carelessness.

Siang and her little gal are back in Malaysia. Again, the group of our friends will have a series of group gatherings during the weeks that she's back. So for the past weekend, it was a short get-away at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort.

On Saturday afternoon, i got back to JB at around 2pm. Had lunch with mom and then rushed back home to pack for the trip. LF picked me up from my home and then we met up with Siang and Carol at Siang's home. Carol's husband and their new born baby girl joined us on the trip as well.

We started the drive in late afternoon at around 4.30pm and reached the resort at about 6pm+. Sui, YM and her husband joined us in the late evening because they gotta work on that day.

After i got on to LF's car, i realised i left my mobile phones at home. Then i kept making joke about how i felt handicapped for not having my iPhone with me, but unbeknownst to me at that time was that what i left at home was not just the phones. I actually didn't bring along my glasses as well! As i was wearing contact lenses on Saturday, i only realised it in the night. Not only that i had forgotten to bring another pair of contact lenses (i use daily disposal), i also left my glasses at home.

This means that i became truly "handicapped" today, as i couldn't see clearly for the entire day. My vision was so blurry without the glasses and i had to strain my eyes throughout the day. This made me very tired and even having mild headache now. Luckily my vision is considered medium myopia (degree of 600 and 550) and i could at least still see even though everything was blurry. Imagine that if the degree was higher, i would have been half-blind today.

(The ladies joked that perhaps this is a sign for me to perform LASIK, then i would not have this problem ever again!)

And since i couldn't see clearly, i didn't join in any activities this morning at the resort. I skipped breakfast and also didn't go to the theme park or swimming pool with the friends. I slept till almost 12pm and waited for them to return to the room and then checked out.

Anyway, despite not having any fun at the resort at all, i did enjoy the gathering with all these old friends. Sui, LF, Siang and i had a late-night chat until 3.30am last night, and we haven't been doing this for a very long time already. We also had a great seafood lunch at Pengerang today, and i stuffed myself silly with so much food, including all the junk food that we brought along and Siang brought back from Japan.

On our way back to JB, we stopped by a fruit farm and had some lousy durian. As it was rather late already, we didn't tour around the farm and proceeded with our journey back to JB. We were stuck in a traffic jam for quite a while. There was traffic congestion too on our way to Desaru as well, and so we kinda wondered since when the roads between JB and Desaru have gotten so popular.

All in all, it was not too bad despite some mishaps for me. The most important thing is that i got to spend some very good quality time with the friends who are closest to my heart, and that would have even off all the displeasure.

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ah, it's real waste otherwise it would be a great holiday. THere will be part#2 week gathering since your friend is still around? Suggest to get another spare #2 glasses and stuff it in your handbag so you won't miss it anymore, since you'd never leave that bag (i always put my passport in my travelling bag). THat's the disadvantage of being myopic (haha, my eyes are normal even staring 10hours of computer screen), and always remember don't miss your spectacles on great day!

Since you have friend in Japan, maybe you should visit the country, i heard from my friend that it's a great country to visit - Darn, i'm preaching you to spend money when you should learn to save . By the way, you have GREAT friends!


geez, i really don't have the quality to be a journalist and reporting the truth - all events are completely distorted.. anyway, hope you will another great week ahead, especially the upcoming one with long weekends :)


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