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Monday, July 12, 2010

End of the mania

Finally, it's over.

I've almost wanted to title this post as "I Hate World Cup" but then realised that what I hate is not the game but the effect of it.

Didn't sleep well at all last night. Thanks and no thanks to the selfish people.

Firstly, there's one at my rented place, who wakes me up almost every night. I'll talk about it in another post.

Then, it was those idiots who were watching the match last night. There was shouting in the middle of the night, very very very loud shout that I could not make out of the words. I guess that idiot must have bet heavily, probably on the wrong team.

No kidding, i saw a long queue at Singapore Pools on Sunday evening. In my dictionary, soccer is a sport, but i guess it is now synonymous to the chance of winning (or losing) big bucks.

Ok, talking about the game, so this is indeed the year of the underdog. I know for the soccer enthusiasts, Spain is hardly considered the underdog, as it has been performing well in recent years. But i'm talking about the record of the World cup, and this is Spain's first win (and first final?) after all, while all the previous champions didn't even make it to the final.

Oh, and i wanna say this: enough about the octopus already. Yeah, i know octopus is highly intelligent, but that doesn't make it an oracle. Don't ask me to explain about the accuracy of his choices, as it does not even warrant the need for explanation. Seriously, people actually believe that a slimy spineless sea creature with four pairs of arms has psychic power in predicting the results of the matches?

Gee, for all we know, maybe some gamblers are gonna make a statue of Paul the Super Octopus and start worshipping it on a altar. This is really a crazy world that we are living in here.


haha, malaysia is sure unwise ofnot following SG legalizing football betting. but then, some genuine football fan would upset being streotyped as gambler as well lor :P.

Yup, WC is all over;). THe Euro champ becomes the world champ. and life back to normal liao, no more chit-chatting on which country wins a game, ronaldo, messi, gerrard, and also no more wakawaka, jacky cheung songs on FM :(. and, bad, no more excuse to delay prject schedule lor.

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