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Saturday, July 03, 2010

World Cup madness

I'd have thought what Angel depicted will only happen when i'm in SG.

But when i just reached my JB home a few hours ago, at the very moment i got down from the car, i heard cheering from the neighbour's house. Then when i was getting my stuff from the car, my neighbour came out to lock the gate and i asked him casually who he supports. He said Brazil and happily told me that the team just got a goal.

Then later when i was on Facebook, i saw friends commenting that Netherlands won. I guess my neighbour would be quite disappointed.

Yeah, it's the World Cup mania now, but i seriously couldn't care less. I do not follow any of the matches, and don't know anything about the players or even the sports. Yet, every morning when i listen to the radio, the DJs will talk about the matches all the time, and hence i do get to know a bit about it.

So i heard that the match tomorrow, with Argentina vs. Germany, will be one of the most exciting matches of all. I'm gonna meet up with friends tomorrow; perhaps we all should join the fun and watch it together.

Ok, four years ago, i was right in my guess about Italy. Well, since i had two choices then, this time 'round i'd pick the other one, Argentina, as the winner of this World Cup. Again, there's no reason for my choice at all. It's just a random pick. Oh, and i do not gamble, so this guessing game is just for fun.

So let's see if this time i'd get a chance to say "i told you so" again.


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