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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am sorry

If you have noticed, i've removed almost all the posts from my blog on this category.

I was told to remove all the relevant posts this morning. Apparently, i have somehow unwittingly broken the rules and regulations by blogging about it. I have thought that writing about some "general knowledge" and my own thoughts about the activities are fine; i've thought that it is ok as long as no details or specifics are mentioned at all. Now i know that we are supposed to be extremely discreet or even hush-hush about the entire thing.

So do i have any thoughts on this? Well, you bet i do. But then, i already learnt my lesson and hence i will not write about it anymore on this blog.

What i do want to say now is that ignorant is a horrible thing; so are thoughtlessness and negligence. I have no excuse for it. This has probably caused some issues for the organisation, and for that, i feel extremely bad about it.

And i do apologise profusely to all the organisations involved, and to the individuals too if it has caused fury, unhappiness or troubles to them.

As to whether or not this will land myself into any problems, well, i seriously do not know. Even if there will be, it's my own doings and i gotta take the full responsibilities.


sigh, it's a right thing that you keep it confidentiality and maintain the trust they put on you. i'm curious - how do they manage to track your anonymous blog? i better stop "cogitating" on this, no matter what please take care of yourself :)

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