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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dreadful work

On weekdays, I normally leave the company laptop in the office, unless I'm going to the branch offices on the following days. This is because I need to walk quite a distance from the MRT station to my office and the laptop is quite heavy. So I'd carry it to office on Monday and bring it back only on Friday. If I need to access some files on this laptop or to access some company applications on the network, I'd remotely log in to this laptop from my personal laptop at home.

When I left the office just now, I took the laptop with me. But it's only Wednesday today.

Well, I'm planning to work through the night today to rush out an overdue assignment and then not going into the office tomorrow, or going in late if my boss does not allow me to work from "home". This is a similar assignment that had me worked till 4am on one of the nights last month, but this time i gotta review and revise a document that are about 70 pages long. For this round, the document is for another country, and I gotta do this for the other countries as well, probably one per month.

Seriously, this is a very boring and frustrating assignment, and I hate doing it. It's one thing to write a long document myself, but another when it's reviewing and rewriting.

(The above was written at 9.48pm when i was on the cab.)

You see, for a person who likes writing, I have no problem in writing anything on my own. Yet, to have someone writing it in bad English and I have to review and revise it like an English teacher is one piece of work that I do not enjoy at all. I'd love to be the person who only reviews the content and then instructs someone to make the changes that i deem necessary (like what my boss does).

Unfortunately, no one in my team writes well when it comes to formal business writing. I am always the designated writer, reviewer, proofreader, or whatever you call it, whenever there's a piece of formal document that needs to be written and submitted to the top. Sometimes, i really think that my strength is also my woe.

I really gotta do something about this, as i do not want to carry on like this.

Sending my staff to business writing course may help to a certain extent, but it won't make miracles overnight. After all, sometimes it's not only about business writing but the level of language proficiency in general. And that would have to start from the basics, pretty much like how we learn English or Bahasa Melayu back in school - read more, listen more, speak more, and write more. This takes time, and time is precisely the thing we all in need of but lack now.

Another choice will be to bite the bullet and submit the report as it is, without having me to revise it at all. This perhaps is a good way for them to learn, as i no longer serve as a cushion that filters away all the shock. But then, this also means that we (my boss and i) will have to accept that there is a piece of work that is going out there that may potentially be regarded as of low standard and tarnish the reputation that we have built up for our department so far, which is the "Centre of Excellence" that always produce the best results and work of the highest quality.

So again, i am stuck somehow.

Oh well, i'd have to ponder on this further when i have the time. For now, i gotta get back to that work which i dread yet couldn't avoid.

Before i end this, just to make a note that we had a BBQ dinner today at the residence of one of the directors. All the big shots are back in the office this week for the monthly board meeting and as usual, there's always an event or activity when they are around. The food at the BBQ was nice, but i wanna get back to work and so i only stayed for a short while, and doing the bbq-ing for others more than eating the food myself.

Ok, back to work now.


well, not everybody is good in english especially to those who is scientifically and logically inclined. english cannot be constructed by logics; words and grammar sometimes (especially the past tense and past participle, arrggh, nonsense) do not make sense, and there are too many vocabularies to grasp if to produce good essay. so unlike with "c" or "c++" language to programmers like me :). and telling me to write a thesis and report like yours (e.g, your blog!), i don't think i can ever achieve that :(. even my cover letter used in job hunting is "copy-and-paste"-ed from google, and probably full of grammar error also (luckily my job is not so much of writing or else everyday is hell). sigh, i'm so envious at your talent.

i don't know about your staff but to me sending to business writing course is plain waste of everyone's time and money because after spending 6+5+2+4 years of schooling and still no improvement, i guess this got to do with gene and innate thing lor. maybe you can try to recommend them blogging in english. by the way, why not of your company getting a technical writer, then at least you can offload this task and focus more on critical and job responsibility which is management.

you're so thinking the good for others but less for yourself ....

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