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Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday gifts

This is a post that is overdue by more than 5 months.

I received three birthday surprises from the guys in my department back in February.

Firstly, it was the iPhone that i had contemplated buying.

Well, technically this phone is not mine. It is actually company phone that was given to me for use so long as i'm still employed in this company.

We are all gonna stop using Blackberry because we've moved our corporate email from MS Exchange to Gmail. Blackberry doesn't work that well for Gmail, and so we will be moving to either iPhone or an Android phone.

Getting the iPhone from the company was actually great for me. The new 4G iPhone has just been released. If i had spent my own money to get the phone, i'd be stuck with this 3GS for at least two years until the mobile contract ends. Now i can always go and buy a new phone with my own mobile account.

Then, since i've gotten an iPhone, big boss and the other guys got me a birthday gift to go with it.

Ok, even though it is meant for iPod, it can be used with iPhone too.

When big boss passed the gift to me and saw me smiled, he said that was exactly what they hoped the gift could do. I was very touched, knowing that they had wanted to make me happy because they saw how sad i've been for so long.

This gift is really neat. I didn't have a clock in my rented room, and i've thought of getting myself a pair of mini speakers too just so that i could plug it to my mobile phone and listen to the radio in the morning when i'm getting myself ready to go to work.

Now with this, i can tell the time without looking at my watch or mobile phone; i can listen to the radio in the morning; i can charge the iPhone by just docking it instead of getting the charging cable out; and it has alarm clock function too, even though i'm not using it at all, as i still prefer to use the iPhone as alarm clock.

So with these two gifts, i could strike off three items from my to-buy list.

Lastly, the IT Manager and IT Specialist got me another gift -- a mini fan.

After i sold my car and was back to taking MRT, i gotta walk quite a distance to office every morning (about 15 minutes). I am a person who always walks in fast pace, and with the distance from the station to my office, i am always dripping with sweat by the time i reach office. Then i'd always complain about how hot it is, especially now that we had moved our seats nearer to the window and having no aircon duct directly above our seats.

These two guys took notice of my whining and got me this little fan, so that i can have it blowing at me when i just arrive at the office and feeling warm. It was so sweet of them (hmm, or maybe they simply wanted me to stop whining in the morning!). I am using it everyday now.

One of my lady colleagues from the other department saw the gifts and said to me that this is the advantage of being the only lady in the department. The guys will dote on me.

Indeed, the guys do take care of me all the time, and for that i'm very grateful.


wow, so sweet! OMG, it's IPHONE! how i wish to be in company like yours - my company is so kiamsap.

by the way, you don't jalan cepat-cepat-lah as it seems a little unhealthy psychologically. there's saying that singaporeans walk in fast pace, but of course the street is much much safer than malaysia. you take care and stay cheerful lor, there are still many out there really care for your well being :).

here goes another - http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/1259/comic10j.jpg

my bad, it should be done on sunday.

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