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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mom's baptism

Am back in SG now. Was back in JB yesterday at around 4pm. Feeling very tired now and still need lots of rest.

I had an enjoyable time at the church camp. The sermons were great and the game was fun, even though the event organising part was a bit weak.

Here are some pictures taken during the camp:

The swimming pool overlooking the sea. (This is the pool where mom got baptised. I didn't know that the baptism was not taking place at the sea but in the swimming pool instead)

The Desaru beach.

And of course, the highlight of the church camp for mom and I was her baptism (on 6-Jun)

Mom has made a public declaration that she will live a Christian life. She is now reborn in Christ. I have seen some positive changes in mom since she accepted Christ into her life. I am grateful for that.

God is great. Hallelujah!


wah, the 2nd picture is so beautiful. look forward for more positive things from you.


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