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Monday, May 31, 2010

The past long weekend

Was back in JB on Thursday night, almost at 11pm+. The flight that was supposed to depart at 9.15pm was delayed for almost half-an-hour, without any announcement or explanation at all. Well, that's our national carrier for you - Memang Ada Salah and Mana Ada System!

Didn't step out of the house for the entire Friday. Mom actually wanted me to go out for lunch with her, but i refused and told her that i was too lazy and tired to go out.

On Saturday, went for a herbal hair treatment session, and my hair now smells like Chinese herbs. Mom kept saying that my hair dropped too much and i should look out for it. I tried in vain to convince her that it is normal for everyone to have a few hair loss daily and because i have long hair and hence it gives the illusion that there are excessive strains of hair on the floor. She still insisted that it is abnormal, and i decided that perhaps she was right and went for a herbal treatment that she recommended. Well, better be safe than sorry!

Today, as usual, went to church in the morning and then had lunch by myself because mom had a meeting with the church members. She is so much more active than me in the church activities; she even attends cell group weekly, while i am more like a silent believer who doesn't do anything.

I think i have been eating too much over the past few weeks and this afternoon. I am constantly watching my weight, as i do not want to return to the days when i considered myself as "fat" and put "losing weight" as my new year's resolutions every year. Since i've slimmed down because of the sad event in life, then i might as well take it as something positive and keep it that way.

So, today when i was back in SG, i immediately weighed myself and indeed saw an added 1KG. This instantly light up my invisible amber signal. Now, now, don't tell me, "it's just 1KG mah!". That's how people gain weight you know -- 1KG at a time and they didn't bother to do anything about it until it's too late. Trust me, i've been there, i know.

Then i decided that i will have to take light dinner for the following days. Yeah yeah yeah, i am vain, so what? Being vain does pay off, especially when i see myself in the mirror and being called "pretty girl". Heh.

Oh, and to start with, i skipped dinner today and i am very hungry now. Better go to bed early.


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