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Monday, May 17, 2010


Had a headache for the whole of yesterday, and i was totally drained of energy. I was lying in bed most of the time and didn't have any appetite until mom forced me to have dinner.

Today woke up with headache still. It only subsided in the afternoon after i've attended the Sunday service at church.

I think i'm overtired and overworked. With this rate i'm going, i can almost see myself hitting the headline one day: "Female Project Manager died of fatigue".

I dread tomorrow, as another busy week awaits me. Am going to take leave for a few days next week to run some errands and also to have a rest.

I am not Energizer rabbit. I can't go on and on and on and on... Even if i am, the rabbit does need recharging too.


i came across one of your posts - Our job should never define who we are or our self worth. Work, and whatever you've achieved in your career, is just a means to an end. It's just a path for you to reach where you wanna go; it's just an avenue for you to accomplish what you want for your life. It's not, and should never become, the purpose of life.

Though you are a "perfectionist", you should take care of your own health, which is far most important.

Congrats for a successful workshop! All your hardwork has led you to good results. Tiring but you have succeed! Just hang on for another week then you should indulge yourself with a good rest.ym

I remember 2 weeks ago or so I had a bad headache after a stressful week, couldn't wake up May day. I remember there's one book told me that pain does not come from God it's from Satan. So i rebuke Satan's work in Jesus's name I rebuke the the pain. And the pain subsided, or just gone within 10mins or less!

don't push yourself too hard. try eat more vitamin B like potatoes, spinach, beans, or supplements to increase appetite and charge up.


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