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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hectic and exhausted

Not gonna blog much today, because i really wanna turn in early tonight -- even though it doesn't seem very early now either.

Worked from "home" today, with boss's approval.

Why? Because i worked till 4am this morning, just to rush out editing a report (36 pages!) that had to be sent out today.

Of course, i would make sure boss was aware of my hard work, and that was why he did not really mind me not going into the office today.

Even though i slept late (or should i say "early"?), i still woke up at 10am because i gotta have a teleconference with him to go through that report at 12pm. Then it took us 2.5 hours to review the report, which was already 3.30pm (lunch break in between).

I had another teleconference with UK at 4pm, after which i gotta continue revising the report based on the feedback from the review. I had wanted to do a 2nd round of proof-reading but it was really late already and i was supposed to send out the report to some Directors of Msia branch by today, as they want to read it before a meeting tomorrow. I was actually late already, and so i just sent it out at around 9pm, without making sure it was perfect.

Well, as you all know, i am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my work. I felt uneasy about not doing the final round of proof-reading. After all, it was a work done through the night and i do expect some mistakes here and there since i was so very sleepy already. So i told boss that there might be some minor errors, and to that he replied that minor defects are acceptable.

Oh well, i must say that he's very lucky to have an employee who's a perfectionist!

It will continue to be hectic at work for the rest of the week as well as next week. Gosh, i think i need Essence of Chicken!


this is tough - really salute your commitment. and great to know you you keep your principle of being a perfectionist. somehow you've infected me too when it comes to work ...

you better get to sleep early to charge up your energy for tomorrow battle.

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