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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Last Saturday night, i got sorrow attack again.

Uh huh, i still get it every once in a while, even though it has decreased in frequency and perhaps magnitude too. Yet, the sadness can still be paralysing sometimes.

I was doing my best to not think about it so that i would not cry again, but i do not know why my heart was calling out "贝贝" like the old days and i felt very sad.

It was then i saw my a new drawing from angel:

This came just in time, when i was feeling down. Thank you, angel, once again.

You sure have a talent in arts. I simply love this drawing, beautiful and encouraging. The second column was especially touching, as if God is shining His light on me, wiping away the tears of sorrow.

In fact, just before that, i was thinking to myself that how lonely i am and how i am going to be all alone at my old age. Then a voice in my head said to me, "you are never alone, for you will always have me".

No no no, it wasn't so dramatic as portrayed in movies, whereby there was a thunderous sound from high above, saying all the words in a male voice. It was simply a thought that suddenly crossed my mind, just when i was feeling sorry for myself about being all alone. Nonetheless, God may have indeed spoken to me through these thoughts, reminding me of His grace and how He will never forsake me.

To my friend in sorrow, you too, must never forget that God will always be by your side. We gotta be strong.

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thanks for your sharing! I can understand how you must have felt then...it happen to me very frequently too

sigh, i read you had "ordinary" weekend, but who would think the "ordinary" is reminising the past and feeling sad. I've thought your ordinary is watching TV/movie, chitchat with family/friends and sleeping, and staying cheerful...

Remember the theme song #122 you recently posted - 别再哭了 多不值得.Please stop crying anymore, it's not worth it. it's not worth a single bit.....

another one - http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/9862/tobehappy.jpg

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