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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My theme song 122

This is what i have on my FB status:

That was after i watched a MTV posted by Sui on FB, and she commented that those who have been crying should stop because it is not worth it.

I guess it should be my theme song.

But more so, it should be for a close friend who is also in agony because of lost love and betrayal.

My friend, there's still a long winding road ahead of us, but we will always have each other. Let this be both our theme song -- this miserable quandary will come to pass one day (难熬的 会经过的).



我明白的 谁都难免不舍

别再哭了 多不值得
生活苦涩 该他负责

别再哭了 多不值得
伤心情歌 不属你的

难熬的 会经过的

爱错了 又能如何

别再哭了 不值得
生活苦涩 他负责

别再哭了 多不值得
伤心情歌 不属你的

难熬的 会经过的

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i hope that you have indeed stopped sobbing for these past days. your friend Sui is right - IT'S REALLY NOT WORTH TO CRY and moan over despicable betrayal, and you (and your close friend too) should gather strength to pull yourself up (which includes your health too) rather than becoming more miserable. i know this is not easy, and nobody understands you more than yourself. but you have friends to support and always standby you, so don't ever think letting them down! you are NOT alone to walk on long winding road.
It ain't worth it. Please don't cry any more. 别再哭了.


Hmm, somehow i can't access the link to your drawings anymore...

darn, maybe i was banned for uploading too many pictures.

try this:


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